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We are delighted to welcome Ross Sloan as our brilliant new Head Chef.

Ross will be managing our kitchen, our menus and our talented team, creating fresh, elegant and seasonal food for you to enjoy.

He has extensive industry experience, beginning his training in Stratford Upon Avon and London 19 years ago. His first head chef job was at the Halzephron Inn in Cornwall at just 21 years old, where he twice won dining pub of the year.  He has since worked for six years with the acclaimed Jude Kereama at the regionally renowned Kota restaurant in Porthleven, finishing as head chef.


When did you realise you could cook?

Well, my father was a chef and I used to work in his kitchens washing up and helping with prep. I was also known to skive school just so I could create things like blue cakes with my friends, so you could say it all started very young! I’ve always loved it.

Where else have you worked?

I’ve just been in London to open up a bar and restaurant called Boho in Camden. Before that I’ve been at Kota, The Halzephron Inn and I’ve had my own catering company – Savour and Relish. I’ve also done a stint in Ibiza on the super yacht Palladium, which was great fun. I’ve recently moved back to Cornwall for good to be near my family and friends.

What’s your preferred cuisine to cook?

I’ve worked with almost every type – from Asian to Caribbean – but I love creating British and European food, with Japanese techniques thrown in. I’m particularly interested in foraging [ ed – Keep your eyes peeled for the swag from Ross’ walks on our new menus]  and I also really like offal.

What is your signature dish?

That’s a tricky one as I typically get bored of dishes pretty quickly after I come up with them! I believe that food needs to keep evolving in some way  in order for it to remain current, so I’m always trying to make each of my dishes better. My favourite at the moment is my oxtail and oyster croustillant with horseradish and watercress, which is a spring roll wrapped in potato spaghetti. I initially came up with it as a street food dish for Savour & Relish; it’s my take on the classic beef and oyster pie and it hasn’t really changed all that much since, except that it’s now served on a plate.


Oxtail & oyster croustillant, horseradish & watercress

What is your favourite season and why?

For me it’s got to be Spring as it’s the best season for foraging: Just take a walk in the woods and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s so many flowers and wild garlic. You’ve also got the seaweeds coming up in the rock pools.

What do you cook at home at the weekends?

Ha! What weekends? I don’t really get those off although I try to go out when I can. I do like going around to my friends’ places and getting their smoker out, and I love eating devilled kidneys or liver and bacon for brekkie. And you can’t beat a good crab sandwich for lunch! In the evening I mainly eat veggie food.

What advice have you been given about cooking that has always stayed with you?

Try to keep it simple and clean.

Whose food do you admire in London?

There’s so many to list!  Every week there’s a new popup: The place is mad for food.

I love eating out in London, I pretty much ate out everyday when I was there, and I had a wish list of at least ten pages that I barely made a dent in because it kept on growing!

I really wanted to try Dinner By Heston (Blumenthal), headed up by Ashley Palmer Watts; and the Ledbury near where I lived in Kensington.

Primeur in Stoke Newington became a casual dining favourite of mine, it’s a really good concept, so simple, lots of sharing plates, and with a great vibe.

What do you look for in your chefs?

The number one thing is passion. I’d rather have a chef without much experience but with masses of passion than a chef with loads of experience and no passion.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Hanging out with my daughter, eating out, foraging and listening to music.

My four passions are definitely my daughter, my food, and house and techno!

Finally, what would you have for your last supper?

That’s a tricky one. Probably a good massaman curry, that is, not the bog standard stuff you get in your local takeaways but a well made authentic one.

So either that, or a good ramen or noodle soup. I love a good noodle soup with a fried egg.

Feedback for Ross’ new menu has been exceptional, so if you’d like to book a table and experience it for yourself, then please call 01736 710249 or email reception at [email protected]

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