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St Michael’s Mount is the jewel in Cornwall’s crown.

St Michales Mount

The Mount Haven Hotel in Marazion

Sitting in one of the world’s ’10 Most Beautiful Bays’ is the jewel in Cornwall’s crown, St Michael’s Mount. Luckily for the Mount Haven, the hotel enjoys the most beautiful sea views towards this iconic natural beauty. Most of bedrooms of Mount Haven have amazing sea views and balconies enjoying this beautiful site or enjoy alfresco dining on our amazing terrace.

St Michael’s Mount in West Cornwall has an astonishing history which might explain why visitors often speak of an incredible sense of peace they experience when they visit us. Into pre-history the Mount has been regarded as a sacred site. Penwith, or West Cornwall was known as Belarion in the ancient world. Bel was the Druid Sun God and the Mount was his sacred site. Pilgrims came from all over to visit the Mount. In the 5th century AD the Mount was Christianised and dedicated to the Archangel Michael when a group of local fishermen were struck by an incredible vision of light over the Mount which appeared as the great St Michael. Linked with Skellig Michael island in Ireland and Mont St Michel in France, religious orders went into beehive huts to meditate and pray for the world and humanity.To this day Mont St Michel is still continuing a practice with monks living on site. The area around the Mount has attracted many healers and people of all spiritual practice to come and live in its proximity today. The vibrations of all the prayers of the contemplatives has certainly created an area of very special energy.

St Michael's Mount

Our Famous Neighbour

It has been discovered that the large rock in front of the current castle, to the west of the Mount is the node point (or meeting point) of four very powerful ley (or energy) lines.   These are the St Michael, St Mary, Apollo and Athene lines.  Where four major ley lines meet it known as a ‘portal’ where the dimensions of reality become vaguer and crossover into different realities are enabled. This would explain the many visions of great saints and even Jesus that have been reported over the years and still happy to this day. But whatever one’s beliefs are most people feel the Mount is definitely ‘special’, even if they can’t quite work out why!

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The last bus to the Mount!

The last bus to the Mount!

Images courtesy of West Cornwall Photos a unique photo blog of West Cornwall.

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