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10 Years of Experience Using Treatments with Proven Results


What are the problems you experienced that we wanted to solve?

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, keeping our fingers on the pulse and from honest evaluation of your feedback we realised the following:


A great deal of people cannot tell you the difference between disciplines, and more specifically what each one treats. Often people in pain, or with health woes don’t know where to go or who to turn to!

Each discipline often has a bias depending on their training and specialties, which is not necessarily suitable for each patient.

Disciplines may compete for business, or have a large list of fragmented practitioners who struggle to get to know each other and work together to achieve the best results for the patients.

Bad results

Booking an appointment in an inappropriate discipline can be, at best, ineffectual, but sometimes exacerbate a problem. A patient could be convinced to keep returning regardless. This leads to a great deal of ‘bad experiences’ where peoploe are left in pain and out of pocket.

This experience can lead one to become cynical and lose faith in any holistic practice and health issues can reach a serious stage before they seek help again.

Time and Attention

Work, kids, commute, repeat…………work work work…….. it’s often the case that people would love to give their health more attention, address the back niggle, improve their sleep, really understand why they’re not losing weight.

The truth is, life gets in the way. Often, appointments happen in lunch hour between meetings and don’t get our full attention. It is also widely believed that getting treatments other than in an emergency, is something of a luxury.